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Our highly motivated and competent staff is ready to provide you with a full range of services to cover hardware requirements, software scripting, product evaluation, or enhanced personnel training


You already enjoy basic computer aided enterprise facilities along with its qualified personnel. You want to extend these facilities and thus require someone with vision and experience to build up even highly complex systems for intuitive use. With us, your ideas will not turn out to flop. Our software architects will see to it that all your team maintains effective oversight and thus enable long term and easily extendible use of your software


Our blend of youthful enthusiasm and long lasting experience should be noticeable. You tell us your problem - we will give you our solution. We may either write full-fledged software programs in-house, or may assist your developer-team at your place of choice - whatever you shall find more convenient.


Case may be you do not really know yet perfectly well what could be your requirements. You are submerged in a flood of programs, libraries, systems, and technical terminology. You may question the advantages of a new software package or fear another marketing bubble. Our experts are ready to identify your requirements and to find adequate solutions.

Aside from comprehensive it-solutions, we as well provide consultation on improving your company’s work flow and organization.


Your company itself produces software programs and needs to upgrade the technical know-how of its staff. Here, involving our experts is the way of choice. During program development, our experts work hand in hand with your staff in the midst of
your project team, thus supporting them in their daily routine while at the same time delivering knowledge dead on target. Workshops and lectures shall complement and precipitate this knowledge transfer.